Chef Richie Farina

Chef Richie Farina

Richard “Richie” Farina started his career beginnings as a pizza maker. During this two year period Richie also honed his skills by catering with a family friend. Seeking a bigger challenge Chef Farina decided to enroll at Johnson and Wales University in Providince Rhode Island seeking a Bachelors in Culinary Arts. With Chef Farina’s help, the school won the National College Ice Carving Championship 3 years in a row. After working in several top restaurants in Boston Chef Farina seeked a home and a bigger challenge. Off to Chicago he went and landed a job with Moto Restaurant in April 2008. In just two short years Chef Farina worked every station including all of the front of house stations. Now he was being groomed as the restuarants sous chef. In 2009 Chef Farina was one of four characters on a nationally syndicated television show for Discovery Networks titled Future Food that featured the whimsical creations of Moto Restaurant.

As one of four lead characters on Future Food Chef Farina gained national recognition as one of the most creative talents in the restaurant world. Chef Farina’s work has reached hundreds of national television and print outlets including The Travel Channel’s No Reservations, The Today Show, The New York Times and many others. Currently Chef Farina is the Executive Sous Chef for Moto and is a contestant on the hit Bravo television program Top Chef which is slated to air in the fall of 2011. Richie describes his experience at Moto as “by far the craziest and most fun place I have ever worked. I am happy to call this place my home.”

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May 8 & 9, 2013 Richie is clearly a man of culinary skill. I am at awe at his ease of every task he taught us! Can’t wait to make the Cuban Cigar for my son and his buddies. – Nancy

This has been an evening of learning, fun, and pure enjoyment. I’m looking forward to experimenting with his recipes, especially the Cuban Cigar. Thank you for this wonderful evening. – Jayne

Such a nice presentation. Food was great! Tips such as garlic peeling was great. The chef replying to all questions was a nice touch. All around a good time and good food. Would do again. – Laurie

A delightful class. Molecular cooking was new to me and fascinating to watch. Completely new ways of treating everyday food. And the chef – oh my- what a cutie patootie!! – Jean

Wonderful class!! Great tips from Chef Richie – especially the salt and sugar brine for blanching. Tampa Bay is lucky to have Rolling Pin to bring us such accomplished chefs. – Glenn

First and best class! Chef Richie has an amazing art to food and the way he sees it. The Rolling Pin staff was very helpful and upheld exceptional service while the demonstration went on. Overall A+ experience! We will be back again! – Nick and Beth

Entertaining, informative and deliciously educational. Chef Richie was delightful and a joy to experience. His dishes were superb!!! – Heidi

So much fun! Everything was amazing! Chef Farina was adorable! – Rhonda

This was my third class with Chef Richie. Very informative and entertaining in flavor. It’s entertaining in the way he shows displays and gives his outward cooking in a different and ambitious way. Chef Richie is charming and outgoing and that is why he is an entertainer in all ways. – Gail

Chef Richie’s Visit – February 9 & 10

Richie Farina was a contestant on the ninth season of Top Chef.  A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, he is the Chef de Cuisine at Moto in Chicago.  A three-time winner of the National Collegiate Ice Carving Championship, he trained in several restaurants in Boston before his move to Chicago.

So that is who Richie is now, but we knew him when…Richie was a previous employee of Rolling Pin.  He worked for Karen and Chef Dave at RP Brandon Town Center.  Mind you, it was minus a few tattoos, a few piercings and a Mohawk ago, but even then they knew how talented Richie was and what a great success he would become.

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“This was my first class class at Rolling Pin, but it definitely won’t be my last!  Not only was the food phenomenal, but I learned so much and I got to see a Top Chef in action! As a beginner home cook just the little tips were well worth the cost of the class.  I have already signed up for two more classes! – Jamie F.

“Not a typical class/demonstration.  A great demonstration of technique, flavor and presentation.  I love the creativeness of his style and technique.  An amazing contrast of texture and flavors.  Highly recommended.  I’ll be back.” – Buster

“What a fun evening!  Great food presented in a very entertaining, but informative way.  Anytime Chef Richie comes to town, I’ll be at this class!” – Dee Ann

“This was without a doubt one of the best classes we have attended. Ritchie said this was his first class. I never would have thought that was the case. We will definitely come if he returns to teach.” – Greg K.

“The evening was wonderful. Had a great time. Chef Richie is so cute ! ! ! He did an excellent job, and was so entertaining…especially to a foodie !!! Can’t wait to make the Crab Cakes !!!! – Cathy S.

“Very Fun!  Learned a lot and the food was amazing!  Chef Richie is such a personable and fun-loving guy!” – Rhonda S.

“A complete joy.  Informative, challenging, inspirational, entertaining, understandable and delicious.  This was, without a doubt, one of the best birthday presents I have ever received.” – David P.